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Yamaha YXZ1000R

Miles: 2318 Runs: Yes
Engine: 3 cyc Drives:  No.
Transmission: paddle shift Loaded: Yes
Body Color: Orage Air Bags: Good.
Interior Color: Grey.  Our Price: 15000.00.

Damage: None 

4x4: Yes
Other Information: This side by side comes with a ton up upgrades including hwy tires and wheels, windshield, speakers and doors. 


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Toyota Sienna

Miles: 75000 Runs: Yes
Engine: 6 cylinder Drives: Yard
Transmission: Automatic Loaded: Yes
Body Color: Black Air Bags: Good
Interior Color: Black Leather Our Price: 16000.00

Damage: None

4x4: No
Other Information: This is a great family van. Includes all the Stow-N-Go seating and backup cam. Has new rubber.  


1999 IMT Crane 1.JPG (1804349 bytes) 1999 IMT Crane 2.JPG (1781498 bytes) 1999 IMT Crane 3.JPG (1755812 bytes) 1999 IMT Crane 4.JPG (1000358 bytes) 1999 IMT Crane 5.JPG (945920 bytes)

1999 IMT Crane # 2015 

Miles: N/A Runs: N/A
Engine: N/A Drives: N/A
Transmission: N/A Loaded: N/A
Body Color: Black Air Bags: N/A
Interior Color: Yellow Our Price:  $2500.00 

Damage: No Damage 

4x4: N/A
Other Information:  This IMT Crane include wireless remote and manual. Has 20' 11" reach and rated at 5000lbs.  


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